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Legal - Additional Services

We Use Florida Supreme Court Approved Forms

We will prepare the forms necessary to serve your needs based on the facts of your matter, as stated by you. We will totally complete, serve, and file all documents for you! In addition, we will provide instructions for proper court filing and service of documents and will assist you with locating telephone numbers, addresses and calendar information so that you may track your matter to ensure all deadlines are met. We also use County Court, FDLE - Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and USCIS approved forms! 

D.P.O., Inc. Professional Services: "Personal and Business Management Consulting" is related to providing the resources and the legal document preparation to the followings outlined services listed below: 

Gavel Banging

Civil Law Matters (Small Claims - Up To $5,000.00): 

We are able to organize your supporting documents of evidence and draft / prepare  all necessary civil small claims court forms. In conclusion we'll file, serve other party, and confirm your court dates.  The jurisdiction of small-claims courts typically encompasses private disputes that don't involve large amounts of money. The routine collection of small debts forms a large portion of the cases brought to small-claims courts, as well as evictions and other disputes between landlords and tenants, unless the jurisdiction is already covered by a tenancy board. 

  • Our office will assist you with Guidelines & Instructions throughout the process under a claim up to $5,000.00 not including costs, interest and attorneys fees with the court's as a Small Claims Action according to Rule 7.010 of the Florida Rules of Court and Chapter 34 of the Florida Statutes.

Forming a New Business: Guidelines & Instructions of Forming, Making Corporate Changes, and Filing Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, DBA / Fictitious Name Registrations and Maintaining Business Compliances under Florida Department of State Division of Corporations.  

  •  We are able to organize your legal business documents, draft/prepare and file all necessary new business forms to start your business.

U.S. Immigration: Immigration Guidelines & Instructions on completing immigration forms under USCIS.

  • We are able to organize your supporting documents of evidence and draft/prepare  all necessary U.S Immigration USCIS forms and assist with filing them.

Criminal Record Sealing: FDLE Criminal Records Sealing Guidelines & Instructions on completing forms under Florida s. 943.0515

  • We are able to organize your supporting documents relevant to sealing your records and prepare all necessary FDLE Forms and assist with submitting them to the State of Florida and the appropriate Court Jurisdiction for processing. We handle this process from the beginning to the end.

Non-Lawyer: D.P.O., Inc. specializes with Pro Se' documents only, we do not provide legal advise. We specialize in transcribing information exactly as provided in writing by our clients in order to complete Florida Supreme Court Approved Forms without modification to any of its contents. We recommend that if you have specific questions related to any service, please contact our office at 954-944-5228. 

Federal Tax Services: In Addition to Legal Document Preparation we have an extended area of service with it's own professional and organized department that specialize in Federal Tax Services. We are proud to have this department; which over it's time of full service operation has provided tax services to hundreds of taxpayers throughout the USA.



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